Safety for our guests and staff has always been top priority.

Cleanliness and hygiene standards are of high importance in our hotel thus we have implemented additional measures that meet the latest standards on hygiene and cleaning, to ensure the safety of our guests and team daily. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and follow protocols that are effective against viruses. We have conducted enhanced training sessions regarding coronavirus awareness, updating our team in response to the new standards COVID -19 has set for our wellbeing.
There is special signage on entrance doors that no one with fever or symptoms of COVID-19 is allowed in the hotel premises. Hand sanitizers have been placed in all hotel public spaces including lobby, reception desk, dining area, offices and bathrooms and cleaning and disinfection are performed with increased frequency. Our staff members are well-equipped with masks and gloves according to the latest guidelines. There is also designated signage in all public areas, notifying guests of keeping social distances, wearing masks and using hand sanitizers.
Regarding our rooms, prevention protocols are followed in room cleaning with particular attention to high-touch items. A rigorous cleaning is performed after the guests’ departure and before the next arrival.  More detailed information is provided in each room.
There is screening of the staff members of every shift before entering the Hotel in order to immediately remove anyone with COVID-19 symptoms. Within Kavos hotel premises we have increased the frequency of cleaning, focusing on high-touch areas like entrances, laundry rooms and offices.
We ensure that all Food Safety Policies are followed, in adherence to the HACCP/ISO 22000:2005.
There is meticulous daily cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen and other food preparation areas, surfaces, proper cooking and storage of food and only top hygiene practices are used.

At Methexis restaurant & bar, the outdoor seating capacity will be limited to no more than 6 people at each table with a seating plan that can ensure the required distance between tables is kept always in compliance with the relevant guidelines and protocols.

In the Pool area all sets of umbrellas with sun loungers have the required distance of 4 meters and disinfection is carried out before their use.

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