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Yiannis and Vassiliki Koutrakis, hosts of Kavos Hotel and Suites and all our team,
welcome you to Meθexis Restaurant and invite you to participate
in a unique experience of creative Cretan cuisine.

Our Executive Chef Georgios Kouklakis, who has created and signed all the recipes in our menu,
deeply influenced by the diet and cooking traditions of the Minoans, aspires to revive
with his team authentic Cretan tastes that will startle your palate…

Artfully embodying the purest ingredients, such as the extra virgin olive oil and the wine,
the finest products of the Cretan land are cooked in the most inspiring way…
the aim is to initiate you into the treasures of Cretan gastronomy…


Meθexis is a seasonal open air restaurant, sat on a deck, overlooking the beautiful rocky beach of Kavos Hotel. In this alluring setting with a breathtaking view to the charming sunset, Meθexis provides an introduction to Creative Cretan Cuisine.

Incorporating Greek tradition and Cretan passion for food into modern cooking techniques, it offers its guests an unforgettable culinary journey to exquisite Cretan tastes, using only regional delicacies.


Thus, prepare your palates for the inspiring three meals of the day!


Opening hours

12:00 – 18:00

18:00 – 22:30

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Private Dining
& Events

Meθexis restaurant is available
to be booked for private occasions.


Please contact us to book in the restaurant:

+30 2821039255

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