Dinner menu

Soup of the day

Cooked with seasonal local vegetables. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. Served hot with a Chef’s selection of extra virgin olive oil

Beef carpaccio

Rolled with aged gruyere, wild rocket, sprinkled with lemon and thyme, infused extra virgin olive oil

Fresh caramote prawn tartare

Stuffed into a whole tomato confit, served with prawn ‘taramasalata’ and green leaves

Raw tuna

Marinated into grape seed honey, with verjuice, rolled and flamed with nuts, pistachios, and dry corn, served with fruit mayonnaise

Fresh fish ceviche

“Catch” of the day, red snapper or grouper or blue mackerel, or yellowtail amberjack (ask waiter for details) usually wrapped with fresh greens or vine leaves, and served with citrus vinaigrette

Cheese platter

With a variety of rusk bread, homemade seasonal marmalade, served with homemade smoked pork pastrami, and green apple wedges

Bread for two

Bread for four

Cretan traditional tomato salad

Three different textures of tomato, pickled onions, fresh galomizithra cheese, and a variety of capers, topped with homemade carob soil. Served with a freshly poached egg and extra virgin olive oil

Fresh “stamnagathi” greens

Mixed with tomato confit, beetroot, green apple, yogurt, walnuts, grilled “anthotyro” cheese and aged red wine vinegar with carob seed honey

Grilled chicken salad

A mix of fresh seasonal lettuce and spinach leaves, topped with Cretan avocado and Greek yogurt cream, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate fruit seeds, and gruyere shaves

Homemade carob biscuit

Served with hot lentil salad, smoked fava beans puree, caramelized onions and kritamon leaves

Kavos special fresh prawns

Served on top of a hot rock or stone, with handmade squid ink "xinohondros" and avocado salad with scented seaweed and tsikoudia

Freshly baked carob pita breads

Topped with fresh sardines marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs, and lemon juice, served on top of fresh diced Cretan avocado and crispy salad

Homemade vegetable tart

Filled with mousse made of three different varieties of local cheese and fresh oregano leaves, wild rocket, and grilled vegetables, served with infused extra virgin olive oil and carob honey

Crispy rolls

Filled with baby spinach, fresh seasonal greens, sundried tomato, and local galomizithra cheese served on top of hot gruyere cream

Slowly cooked octopus in aged “marouva” wine

Served on top of smoked fava beans puree, fried capers, and kritamon (sea fennel) leaves

Fresh Calamari on the grill

Served as fricassee with seasonal greens, yellow pumpkin puree and dried local raisins with pine nuts


Yellow pumpkin, sage, and 18months aged gruyere shaves, sprinkled with fresh mountain herbs and green lemon zest

Wild mushroom risotto

Scented with “zamphora”, topped with “galomizithra” cheese, served on a bed of grilled wild mushrooms and red wine dressing

Handmade “striftari” pasta

Sautéed smoked “sigklino”, cherry tomatoes, “anthotyros” cheese and fresh thyme

Fresh seafood handmade pasta

With shrimps and cherry tomatoes served with garlic olive oil, white wine steamed mussels, extra virgin olive oil, and lobster gel

Cretan traditional “gamopilafo” for two

With hot “stakovoutiro” and pomegranate seeds, served with lamb and rooster portions, a side of Greek yogurt and lemon wedges

Dish of the day

Chicken fillet

Infused and cooked with Cretan mountain tea “malotira”, with fresh herbs and tomato confit, served with sautéed baby carrots, sesame seeds and “oximeli” sauce with extra virgin olive oil

VeganTraditional Cretan “simpetherio”

Aubergines and chickpeas on top of baked tomato sauce served with vegan olive oil mayonnaise

Sea bream fillet

Served with wild greens sautéed, baby potatoes, black olives and mint tapenade with crushed walnuts. Topped with extra virgin olive oil

Salmon fillet

With orange, and Cretan herbs crust, served on a bed of fresh spinach leaves and baby potatoes with a side of green peas puree

Fresh tuna fillets

Rolled with white cabbage and sprinkled sesame seeds, grilled and served with red cabbage puree, white bean and gruyere mousseline

Pork T-bone steak

With local raisins and wild forest fruits sauce and olive oil fried baby potatoes sprinkled with fresh Cretan herbs and thyme

Lamb fillet

Wrapped with crispy green “kantaifi” phyllo, on top of “staka” cream served with potatoes, green pea leaves and carob sage and honey mustard

Beef burger (patty) (300gr)

Topped with gruyere cream, served with fresh green peas leaves, sautéed beetroot, and oven baked potatoes

Slowly cooked beef medallions

Served on top of sweet potatoes puree, blanched seasonal greens and topped with onion pearls cooked into garlic, fresh oregano and pomegranate juice

Black Angus Rib-eye steak (300gr)

Pepper and wine cooked shallots served with baby potatoes, grilled vegetables and wild rocket

40 days wet-aged premium beef cut (1kg)

With unfiltered EVOO inside a clay pot, served on a hot cast iron plate with wild mushrooms, baby potatoes and bigarade sauce

Thyme-honey panna cotta

With strawberry coulis

Pear & apple white chocolate cheesecake

Made from fresh local cream cheese “galeni” served with pear, green apple and olive oil toppings

Chocolate tart

Filled with homemade almond praline, served with hot chocolate caramel sauce and pure sea salt

Dessert made with seasonal fruit, a la minute

Sweet Crete on a plate

Selection of traditional desserts made from childhood memories and some very ancient recipes


Whiskey / Vodka / Gin / Rum / Tequila / Aperol / Martini


Drought Beer Mythos


Drought Beer Mythos


Drought Beer Stella Artois


Drought Beer Stella Artois


Lafkas Brewery White Mountains

Pale Ale 330ml

Chios Smoked

Robust Porter 330ml


Wit 330ml


0.8% Alcohol 330ml

Strange Brew Jasmine

IPA 330ml

Corona Extra

Lager 330ml

Ouzo by the glass

Ouzo 200ml

Tsipouro 200ml

Retsina 500ml

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